By Vince Angelo C. Ferreras, October 22 2018; Business World


Image Credit to CNN Philippines

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) reported crime volume dropping 17.39% in the first half of the year.

Citing the PNP’s Unit Crime Periodic Reports, PNP Chief Director-General Oscar D. Albayalde said, reading a statement in his press briefing Monday , “The significant 17.39% drop in crime incidents during the January-June period, and onwards until the end of September, is expected become the trend for the remaining months of the year when petty crimes are traditionally believed to peak in the holiday season.”

“Overall, Total Crime Volume decreased by 47,945 incidents or 17.39% from 275,702 in January to June 2017 to only 227,757 incidents during the same 6-month period of the current year,” he said.

Among index crimes, he said the top three most prevalent are Theft, Physical Injury and Robbery.

“But despite Theft and Physical Injury registering the top two most prevalent crimes nationwide, both crime categories went down by 36.90% and 33.80%, respectively,” Mr. Albayalde said.

He cited these figures as showing a “marked decline” in the following crimes: Murder (29.54%); Homicide (9.47%); Physical Injury (33.80%); Rape (24.82%); Robbery (34.40%); Theft (36.90%); Carjacking of motor vehicles (36.30%); and of motorcycles (26.61%).

“Compared with the homicide data during the 1st half of 2017, homicide incidents in January to June of 2018 were fewer by 108 cases or 9.47% lower,” Mr. Albayalde said.

“But contrary to this perception of a spike in crime during the ‘ber’ months, we see a steady decline in all crime categories, but we do not discount the possibility of violent crimes leading to the election period in January.”