By CNN Philippines Staff, November 17, 2022; CNN Philippines

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, November 17) — The Philippines improved its ranking in a global index that measures businesses’ bribery risks in the public sector.

The 2022 Bribery Risk Matrix released by US-based business association TRACE showed the Philippines’ ranking jumped five places higher to 114th out of 184 countries, against its 119th rank last year.

In the Asian region, the Philippines ranked 24th out of 50 territories.

While the country maintained its “medium” risk level, the overall score rose to 54 from 52 a year ago. The matrix noted that a higher score “indicates a higher risk of business bribery.”

Each nation is given a score from 1 to 100 for each category and the total risk.

Trace said the global index measures four domains: business interactions with the government, which examines government’s dealings with businessmen, expectation of bribes and regulatory burden; anti-bribery deterrence and enforcement; government and civil service transparency; and capacity for civil society oversight that measures press freedom and civil society engagement.

Based on the matrix, the Philippines scored 55 in business interactions with the government, 75 in anti-bribery deterrence and enforcement, 47 in government and civil service transparency, and 43 in capacity for civil society oversight.