Public perception of the Philippine government will continuously improve as it works to become cleaner, more efficient, effective, and people-centered. By 2022, the country will improve its rankings in global governance indices such as the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI), Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), and Open Budget Index (OBI).

The PDP 2017-2022 includes strategies to reduce corruption, achieve seamless service delivery, enhance administrative governance, strengthen the civil service, and fully engage and empower citizens. Following are the specific strategies:


To reduce corruption
  • Promote public awareness of anticorruption drives
  • Implement prevention measures
  • Strengthen deterrence mechanisms


To achieve seamless service delivery
  • Adopt a whole-of-government approach in delivery of key services
  • Implement regulatory reforms
  • Improve productivity of the public sector


To enhance administrative governance
  • Right-size the bureaucracy
  • Strengthen results-based performance management, public financial management, and accountability


To fully engage and empower citizenry
  •  Promote participatory governance
  • Ensure public access to information
  • Institutionalize response and feedback mechanisms
  • Implement electoral reforms


To strengthen civil service
  • Promote shared public service values
  • Improve human resource management systems and streamline processes
  • Develop and invest in human resource


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