By Ed Velasco, August 6 2018; The Manila Times


Image Credit to National Economic and Development Authority

THE National Government Administrative Center (NGAC) in the Capas, Tarlac side of Clark Green City is certain to be completed by October 2019 as two sites in the project will be used for the Southeast Asian Games next year, the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the contractor affirmed.

According to NEDA Director General Ernesto Pernia, the NGAC is a testament to government’s commitment to spread growth to the regions while easing congestion in Metro Manila.

“At the same time, the NGAC will ensure a more organized bureaucracy and faster processes, bringing government workers and government agencies spatially closer together,” the director general explained further.

Among the centerpieces of the P13.6 billion project is the stadium and aquatic center where majority of the events for the 2019 SEA Games will be held.
The project will also have business processing offices, athletes’ dormitory, condominium units, government offices and multi-purpose complexes.

Its main purpose is to bring together all the government offices in Region 3 and Metro Manila so that those transacting business with any government agency need not go to different places.

AlloyMTD, the Malaysian conglomerate that builds the center at no cost to the government, said four big sub-contractors are building the project. Isaac David, the conglomerate’s chairman, said the administration center is patterned after Putrajaya in Malaysia.

Putrajaya is the place where government offices were transferred when Kuala Lumpur became too congested in the early 2000s. He said Clark’s sprawling 35,000 hectares is the best alternative to any congested area, like Metro Manila.

David added that aside from being strategic, Clark is not sitting on any fault line that can move and cause massive damages to property anytime.

The Capas side of Clark Green City is located 131 kilometers north of Manila. Motorists can reach the area in two-and-a-half hours from Ayala Avenue in Edsa and an additional hour when travelling during rush hour.