By C.A. Tadalan, December 4 2018; Business World


Image Credit to Business World

THE HOUSE of Representatives has approved on second reading a resolution on its version of a draft federal charter.

The approval, via voice vote on Tuesday, of “Resolution Of Both Houses Proposing The Revision Of The 1987 Constitution Of The Republic Of The Philippines” comes after three sessions of debate and interpellation at the plenary.

The resolution is expected to be passed on third reading by Monday.

“The third reading could be on Monday. Now, it becomes a problem between the Senate and the President. We have done our job,” Constitutional Amendments Chair Vicente S. E. Veloso of the 3rddistrict of Leyte told reporters following the House approval on second reading.

“It’s beyond us. Our point and the Speaker, at least we don’t have remaining jobs. Nobody can say that we sat on the problem despite being paid by the taxpayers because there are really a lot of things that have to be changed in the Constitution,” Mr. Veloso also said.

The proposed constitution mandates the “creation of a presidential-bicameral-federal system” and provides for a mechanism allowing Congress to establish a federal state by way of legislation.

Among the points of contention in the House version is its having no provision on term limits and on the ban on political dynasties.

During the period of amendments, Act Teachers Rep. Antonio L. Tinio proposed to reinstate the said provisions, but this was rejected by the plenary. — C.A. Tadalan