By Faye Orellana, March 31 2019; Philippine Daily Inquirer

Image Credit to Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines — The Civil Service Commission (CSC) may impose a ban on cellphone use by personnel assigned as front liners of government agencies.

CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada made this announcement at a press conference on Saturday after her weeklong regional visit across the country.

According to her, some employees in government agencies were caught either playing or watching videos while on duty.

“If they will not discipline their people, then the CSC might step in. So after this, I will submit my report to the commission and update them on what happened during my visit,” Lizada said, speaking partly in Filipino.

“So if we need policies, maybe we can craft… Like some are saying: ‘Ma’am, maybe those in the front line should not have their cellphones with them during their duty.’ So these are the things that I’ve heard,” she added.

Lizada then noted that she would still visit more government agencies and observe the cellphone use of their front line personnel.

“I’m on my fifth regional visit. I will get all the other pertinent observations and we will see. It’s good to go around,” she said.

Lizada has been making the rounds of government offices to check on the efficiency of various national and local agencies.

Her recent surprise inspections have led to the reprimand of civil servants who were caught loafing, not wearing identification cards, or playing mobile games during work hours. /atm