By Pilar Manuel, June 10, 2020; CNN Philippines

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, June 10) — The Bureau of Internal Revenue has directed online sellers and other digital-based businesses to register their activities, declare previous transactions and settle their corresponding taxes no later than July 31.

“This Circular is issued to give due notice to all persons doing business and earning income in any manner or form, specifically those who are into digital transactions through the use of any electronic platforms and media, and other digital means, to ensure that their businesses are registered pursuant to the provisions of Section 236 of the Tax Code, as amended, and that they are tax compliant,” read the agency’s memorandum circular dated June 10.

The circular also covered payment gateways, delivery channels, internet service providers and other facilitators.

The BIR asked these businesses to register their activities or update their registration status by end-July.

“Likewise, they are encouraged to voluntarily declare their past transactions subject to pertinent taxes and pay the taxes due thereon, without corresponding penalty, when declared and paid on or before the said date,” the circular stated.

Entities who fail to perform these activities on time shall be meted with applicable penalties under the law and existing revenue rules and regulations, said the tax-collecting body.

The BIR also advised newly-registered businesses to comply with the Tax Code’s provision as amended and other relevant issuances on tax revenue as stated in the circular.