By Christopher Lloyd Caliwan, June 28, 2024; Philippine News Agency

MANILA – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Friday called on Filipinos to remain vigilant and critical in using and sharing information to avoid falling prey to disinformation efforts.

AFP chief Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr. made the call, citing an “alarming surge” in disinformation campaigns aimed at eroding the public’s trust in the institution and the Philippine government.

“We urge the public to verify sources and seek information from credible and official channels. Let us stand together in the face of these desperate attempts to spread discord,” Brawner said in a statement.

He added that these disinformation efforts sow panic, divide the nation, and distract Filipinos from pressing issues that demand collective attention.

“Disinformation not only distorts the truth but also undermines our unity and make(s) the country vulnerable to external challenges that threaten national security and stability,” Brawner said.

He assured that the AFP remains committed to protecting the country and upholding the peace and security agenda of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

“We call on every Filipino to join us in this endeavor, fostering a spirit of solidarity and resilience against those who wish to weaken our resolve,” the military chief added. (PNA)